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April 2015

Muckross Abbey & Ross Castle Tour

Just before the Easter holidays we went on a tour of Muckross Abbey and Ross Castle.  We were doing a project on local history and were learning about the Franciscan Friary in Killarney so it was great to be able to visit Muckross Abbey.  Denis Kissane (Ms. Kissane’s dad) kindly offered to come along with us on the tour and he gave us loads of information about the abbey and the daily lives of the friars that lived there.  He told us about the different rooms in the abbey and about the significance of the yew tree in the middle of the abbey.  Finally, he told us a few ghost stories about the abbey.  Thanks very much to Denis for taking the time to teach us all about the abbey.  After our visit to Muckross Abbey we headed for Ross Castle.  We got a full guided tour of the castle where we were told about all the rooms and feasts that were celebrated there since it was first built in the 15th Century.  After the tours we just had enough time to make a quick stop at the playground in Killarney.  A great day out was had by all!

Favourite Book Character

On the final day before the holidays we all dressed up as our favourite book character.  Some very interesting and inventive costumes were created for the event including Harry Potter, Cat in a Hat, Umpa Lumpa, Matilda, Buzz, Dorothy and many more. Check out our photo section to see some of the fabulous creations.


The juniors were busy doing some measuring around the grounds of the school during the beautiful April sunshine.


We’ve been very busy with sport’s events lately and we’re delighted to welcome our hurling coach John back to school for term 3.  Along with hurling we’ve been continuing with our dancing, football, soccer, athletic skills and active breaks.  Check out our Active School Flag page for more details.