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September 2015

Local Educational Tour with Gerard Healy

A native to Raheen and a retired teacher, Gerard Healy invited us along to his local farm to teach us more about of locality and heritage.  Gerard worked hard to ensure his farm and the environment was ready for our visit.  He provided us with a huge amount of information about our area including showing us where the local town-land boundaries are.  We examined and became familiar with a huge range of native plants and trees and he explained about the soil types of the area.  One of the highlights of the tour was visiting a house built in the 1880’s that had furniture, lamps, fireplace, photographs, clothing, record player and much more from the 19th and 20th Centuries.  He also explained to us and showed us many traditional farming tools including the horse plough, scuffler, sleán, butter-churn, milk tanks, donkey cart and much more.  Gerard also had a fabulous vintage car collection which caused great excitement among the children!

1916 Commemoration

As 2016 approaches so too does the centenary of the 1916 Rising.  As this is such a huge part of our Irish history we spent a lot of time researching and learning about the 1916 Rising – The Leaders and The Proclamation.  We were delighted to welcome Michael O’ Keeffe and Jerh O’ Donoghue to our school to speak to us about the events of 1916 and to offer us an insight into life in Ireland at the time.  As part of the upcoming celebrations the Defence Forces delivered us our National Flag and a copy of The Proclamation which will be raised and read in a commemoration celebration in March 2016.

Fishing Trophy

Well done to our junior infant Jack on winning the Fishing Schools Competition, Owneycree Angling Club.

Road Safety Authority (RSA)

We were delighted to have Eileen from the RSA visit us during the month.  She gave us lots of information and advice about safety on the roads and how important it is to wear safety clothing and high visibility clothing when cycling and walking on the road.


The junior room are focusing on fairy-tales during Aistear on Wednesday and Friday mornings.  It is proving very popular with the children as they are provided with a range of opportunities to engage with various aspects of the curriculum through discovery play, guided instruction, role-play, small-world play, drama, music and much more.  We’ve seen a range of characters around the school to date including giants, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, wolves, cows, grannies, witches etc.


The dancing shoes have been dusted off again after the summer break and Triona is back in action on Tuesday mornings!  Triona is focusing on a range of steps and figures for this term which help enhance the children’s movement and spatial awareness skills.  We are looking forward to seeing the pupils perform their dances for us later in the term!


We’re delighted to have athletics in the school for a 7 week programme.  Sheila works hard to ensure the pupils develop a range of motor skills to enable them to participate fully and appreciate the athletics strand of the curriculum.  We’ve had some glorious weather lately which has allowed us to do our athletics outside in the sunshine, bright and early on Monday mornings!

Welcome back to all our pupils and a very warm welcome to our new pupils Keelan, Mark and Jack.  We’ve a busy year ahead…